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All of our validation processes are designed to achieve the highest possible data accuracy.

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We care about your data & your privcay. Hence, we do everything to protect it. All servers are located in the EU only.

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Real-time and Batch Email Validation is the preferred tool to complete any email validation task. Whether you are trying to validate a single email address or an excel file containing thousands of addresses, is the right tool for the job! We are continuously adding more features and are increasing the number of available integrations.

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One tool for any email validation task

Our tool provides you with everything you need to manage and validate email addresses:

  • Use our bulk email verifier to improve deliverability & campaign performance
  • Our realtime validator provides you with instant results
  • Our REST-API provides you with a maximum of flexibility and gives you full control about how you want to integrate our email checker

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SMTP check:
MX found:
Did you mean:
  "email": "",
  "smtp_check": false,
  "mx_found": true,
  "did_you_mean": "",
  "disposable": false,
  "score": 1,
  "free": false

“ is straight-forward and reliable since day one. The software adapts to our company’s needs is easy-to-use, and has helped our international business reach the next level.”